The Squamish Traverse begins and ends at the Al McIntosh Loggers Sports Grounds in Squamish

Finisher Prizes & Awards

Finish the Squamish Traverse, either distance: Finisher t-shirt

Top 3 in age group category: Podium prize at awards ceremony

Under 8 hour finish of 100k course: Special prize to commemorate monumental achievement

Racer Info and Rules

Technical guide coming soon

Race Numbers

No more aerodynamic losses and interference of handlebar mounted number plates

Every Squamish Traverse race number will be attached to the seatpost of the bike, keeping racers aerodynamic and happy

Results and Photos

Results for the 100k course and Peak Route climb will be posted and emailed out the night of the race

Racer photos will be available via a link within a few days of the race

Racer Support

Racers can submit a bag to be brought to Cat Lake aid station no later than 15 minutes before their start

Racers are allowed to receive outside assistance at Cat Lake aid station ONLY. Receiving help from a crew outside this location will result in a DQ

Event Schedule: Saturday, August 17th

5:30 AM - Package pickup opens

6:45 AM - Drop bag deadline for 100k racers, start line corral opens

6:50 AM - Rider information and safety announcements

7:00 AM - Race start, Squamish Traverse 100k

8:45 AM - Peak Route drop bag deadline and package pickup closes, start corral opens

8:50 AM - Rider Information and safety announcements

9:00 AM - Race start, Squamish Traverse Peak Route

1:00 PM - First finishers expected and finish line festival begins

3:00 PM - Eight hour time cutoff for special finisher prize

4:00 PM - Cat Lake aid station time cutoff

6:00 PM - Diamond Head aid station time cutoff

7:00 PM - Finish line time cutoff and start of awards ceremony

Leave No Trace

Throughout all of our practices, we aim to create as little environmental impact as possible. All of our aid stations will have trash and recycling, as well as the finish festival. Racers are to dispose of waste at these stations, anywhere else on course will be prohibited. Let’s keep these trails pristine!